422/622/2206/2213/2214 Disassembly - Reassembly Instructions
By skjos
2206TGT (UBE7151)
Date: 06/17/14

Spare Parts List
Part Name Part Number
Recoil Spring 102500000
Firing Pin 102230000
Firing Pin Spring 102240000
Firing Pin Retainer Pin 102250000
Extractor 102270000
Extractor Spring 102290000
Magazine Spring 102690000
Magazine Follower, 10RD 064990000
Rear Sight Leaf Screw* 038480000
Sideplate Screw* 108260000

*These screws have a tendency to work lose and fall off

Safety Takedown Flag (202640000)**
Hollow Ground Screw Driver Bits
Dental Pick
EWK Arms Barrel Wrench***
Brass Punch
Torque Wrench (in-lb)

**An empty 22LR case can be used to restrain the recoil guide rod
***Custom tools may be used, but they increase the risk of damaging the barrel nut and/or muzzle crown (examples: socket ground down to only leave engagement teeth, wide screw driver with center ground out for muzzle clearance, back of butter knife with notch ground out for muzzle clearance, needle nose pliers, etc.)

The following instructions outline the process steps to disassemble and reassemble the Smith & Wesson 422/622/2206/2213/2214 series of 22LR pistols. The pistol used to develop these instructions was a 2206TGT; there may be slight variations in the process for other models. Caution: These instructions are for reference only and should be used at your own risk.

Disassembly - Field Strip

Step 1: Remove magazine and verify pistol is unloaded

Magazine Removed

Step 2: Insert safety takedown flag or 22LR case between recoil guide rod and frame

Safety Takedown Flag

Step 3: Remove recoil guide plug and move slide to rear

Plug Removed

Step 4: Remove guide rod and spring from slide

Guide Rod Removed

Step 5: Remove slide from frame

Slide Removed

Disassembly - Frame

Step 6: Remove grips

Grips Removed

Step 7: Remove slide stop spring
The slide stop spring is the only spring on the left hand lever assembly.

Slide Stop Spring

Step 8: Remove C-clip
A screwdriver can be used to either push or pull the C-clip (retaining ring) from the slide stop shaft. Use caution to not scratch the frame.


Step 9: Rotate spring plate out of detent
Using a punch, push the detent from its recess and rotate the spring plate so the detent is just above the frame.

Detent Recess   Detent Positioned Above Frame

Step 10: Remove slide stop lever

Slide Stop Lever Removed

Step 11: Remove disconnector

Disconnector Removed

Step 12: Remove spring plate
Move the spring plate rearward until the larger hole aligns with the hammer pivot pin, then remove the spring plate.

Spring Plate Shifted Rearward

Step 13: Remove safety lever

Safety Lever Removed

Step 14: Insert magazine and release hammer
Insert the magazine into the frame to disable the magazine safety, then restrain the hammer and pull the trigger, slowly release the hammer into the fired position. Remove the magazine.

Insert Magazine   Magazine Safety Disengaged
Hammer In Cocked Position   Hammer In Fired Position

Step 15: Push sear pin out of out of sideplate
Using a punch, push the sear pin about a 1/8th of an inch so that it no longer is engaged in the sideplate. Do not push the pin completely out of the frame.

Sear Pin Engaged In Sideplate   Sear Pin Pushed In 1/8 Inch

Step 16: Remove sideplate
Remove the three screws that hold on the sideplate, then lift the sideplate from the frame. Try to lift the sideplate equally, rocking it back and forth if necessary to get it to release from the frame. Restrain the trigger so that it does not come off with the sideplate.

Remove Three Sideplate Screws   Sideplate Removed

Step 17: Remove trigger/magazine catch spring

Trigger/Magazine Catch Spring   Trigger/Magazine Catch Spring Removed

Step 18: Remove trigger assembly

Trigger Assembly Removed

Step 19: Remove magazine catch
Push out the magazine catch pin with a dental pick or toothpick and remove the magazine catch.

Magazine Catch Pin   Magazine Catch Removed

Step 20: Remove sear
Push out the sear pin with a punch and remove the sear.

Sear Pin   Sear Removed

Step 21: Remove magazine safety spring

Magazine Safety Spring   Magazine Safety Spring Removed

Step 22: Restrain hammer spring
Move the hammer slightly rearwards until a dental pick can be inserted into a small hole at the bottom of the hammer strut. Once the dental pick is engaged, the hammer can be allowed to move back forward. This compresses the spring on the strut allowing the hammer assembly to be removed.

Dental Pick Engaged On Hammer Strut

Step 23: Remove hammer pivot pin and magazine safety
Push/pull out the hammer pivot pin.

Hammer Pivot Pin Removed

Step 24: Lift out hammer assembly and sear spring
The hammer assembly can be further disassembled by pushing out the pin that holds the hammer to the strut.

Hammer Assembly, Hammer Spring, and Sear Spring

Step 25: Purchase or fabricate tool for removing barrel nut
If fabricating a tool make sure it clears the muzzle.

EWK Arms Barrel Nut Removal Tool   Dremeled Butter Knife

Step 26: Using tool remove barrel nut and lock washer

Barrel Nut Recesses Engaged (EWK)   Barrel Nut Recesses Engaged (Butter Knife)
Barrel Nut and Lock Washer Removed

Step 27: Remove barrel from frame

Barrel Removed

Disassembly - Slide

Step 28: Remove extractor
Push the extractor inwards just behind the extractor pin to disengage the extractor from the extractor pin. The extractor pin is not press fit, but it does need help to move it down out of the slide, use a small pair of tweezers or similar tool to grasp the shaft of the pin to assist it out the bottom of the slide. Note: This 2206TGT only uses one spring beneath the extractor, other models may use two.

Extractor Assembled   Extractor Pin Moved Halfway Out (Tools Shown)
Extractor Disassembled

Step 29: Remove firing pin
Using a punch, drift out the roll pin that retains the firing pin. Once removed, pull the firing pin and spring out the rear of the slide.

Firing Pin Retainer Roll Pin   Firing Pin Removed (Firing Pin Shown Upside Down)

Disassembly - Magazine

Step 30: Compress magazine spring
Using a dental pick or similar tool, hook the magazine spring through the slot that runs the length of the magazine body, and compress the spring towards the follower. This will disengage the plunger that retains the magazine butt plate. The spring can be held in this position for the next step, or a make-shift stopper can be inserted into the magazine body to keep the plunger from reengaging the butt plate.

Magazine Spring Compressed

Step 31: Remove magazine base plate
While restraining the plunger above the butt plate, slide the butt plate forward off the magazine body. If the butt plate is being stubborn, the forward edges can be gripped with pliers and pulled forward; pad the plier jaws with electrical tape to prevent any marring.

Butt Plate Moved Halfway Off The Magazine Body

Step 32: Remove magazine spring and plunger
With the butt plate removed, pull the spring and plunger out of the magazine body.

Magazine Spring and Plunger Removed

Step 33: Remove magazine follower
Slide the follower down the magazine body until the magazine pin aligns with the round cutout in the slot. Pull out the magazine pin and remove the follower out the bottom of the magazine body.

Magazine Pin Aligned With Cutout   Follower Removed

Reassembly - Magazine

Step 34: Install magazine follower
Insert the follower into the magazine body and align the magazine pin holes with the round cutout in the slot. Insert the magazine pin and slide the follower to the top of the magazine body.

Magazine Pin Hole Aligned With Cutout   Follower Installed

Step 35: Install magazine spring, plunger, and butt plate
Insert the magazine spring and plunger into the magazine body. Compress the spring towards the follower and slide on the butt plate. Caution: The spring can eject out of the magazine body with high velocity if it is released before the butt plate is installed. The butt plate may require minor tapping to get it to fully seat onto the magazine body.

Magazine Spring and Plunger Inserted In Magazine Body   Butt Plate Installed

Reassembly - Slide

Step 36: Install firing pin
Insert the firing pin and spring into the firing pin cavity; insure the notch on the firing pin is down so the roll pin can be installed. Push the firing pin forward and hold it in place, a pair of earplugs can help restrain it in the forward position. Insert the roll pin into the slide and tap it into place with a punch and hammer, the roll pin should not extend beyond the slide's surface. Test the function of the firing pin; when pressed it should extend out the front, when released it should retract.

Firing Pin Notch Down   Firing Pin Restrained By Earplugs
Firing Pin and Roll Pin Installed

Step 37: Install extractor
Insert the extractor spring in the spring cavity and place the extractor over the spring. Press the extractor down against the spring and push the extractor pin all the way up so the notch in the pin aligns with the extractor. Note: This 2206TGT only uses one spring beneath the extractor, other models may use two.

Extractor Parts Staged For Assembly   Extractor Installed

Reassembly - Frame

Step 38: Reinstall barrel
Insert the barrel back into the frame, load the lock washer, and screw on the barrel nut. Using the EWK tool you can apply the appropriate torque to the nut (25in-lb recommended by EWK), with a custom tool that is not compatible with a torque wrench you need to snug it down tight.

Barrel Installed

Step 39: Reinstall sear spring and hammer assembly
Compress the spring on the hammer strut and hold it in place with a dental pick through the hammer strut hole, this spring is very stiff and compressing it is easier said than done. Place the sear spring and hammer assembly in the frame, align the sear spring tab with the hole in the frame. Keep the spring compressed for the next step.

Sear Spring and Hammer Placed In Frame

Step 40: Reinstall hammer pivot pin and magazine safety
Align the hammer with the pivot pin hole in the frame and install the magazine safety and hammer pivot pin. The dental pick can now be removed from the hammer strut.

Magazine Safety and Hammer Pivot Pin Installed

Step 41: Reinstall magazine safety spring
Slide the magazine safety spring onto the magazine safety spring guide, and then compress the spring to move it into position against the frame.

Magazine Safety Spring Installed

Step 42: Reinstall sear
Align the sear to the hole in the frame, the protruding features of the sear should be pointing away from the frame and the large flat surface of the sear should be aligned with the magazine well. Insure the sear spring is located to the rear of the sear and then install the sear pin.

Sear Installed

Step 43: Reinstall trigger assembly
Drop the trigger assembly into the frame inserting the pin at the trigger pivot point.

Trigger Assembly Installed

Step 44: Reinstall magazine catch and spring
Place the spring between the trigger assembly and magazine release lever, then align the release lever with the pin hole in the frame and insert the pin. The magazine release lever can be installed before the trigger assembly, but it may be more difficult to install the spring between the two. Installing the spring after both the trigger assembly and magazine catch have been installed can result in a lost spring.

Magazine Catch and Spring Installed

Step 45: Reinstall side plate
Push the sear pin down into the frame so that it will not engage the side plate when it is being installed. Install the side plate by aligning it to the frame cutout as well as the trigger pin and the hammer pin. Push the side plate onto the frame; it may take some light tapping to get it to fully seat in place. Install (3) side plate cover screws and slide the sear pin into the side plate so that it sits flush on both sides.

Sear Pin Pushed Down   Side Plate Installed

Step 46: Cock hammer
Move the hammer so that it locks back in the frame.

Hammer Cocked

Step 47: Reinstall safety lever

Safety Lever Installed

Step 48: Reinstall spring plate
Orient the spring plate so the detent is sitting above the top of the frame and the large hole aligns with the hammer pivot pin. Push the plate down at the hammer pivot pin and slide it forward so that the pin is the smaller hole cut out.

Spring Plate Oriented and Placed On Hammer Pivot Pin

Step 49: Reinstall disconnector

Disconnector Installed

Step 50: Reinstall slide stop lever

Slide Stop Lever Installed

Step 51: Rotate spring plate into position
Insure the spring plate is as far forward on the hammer pivot pin as possible and then lift the forward end of it as required to rotate the detent into the side plate recess.

Spring Plate Rotated In Place

Step 52: Reinstall slide stop lever C-clip
Push the C-clip onto the slide stop shaft using a screw driver or flat edge. Use caution to not scratch the frame.

C-clip Installed

Step 53: Reinstall grips

Grips Installed

Reassembly - Field Strip

Step 54: Place slide on frame
Place slide on frame and move it to the rear most position.

Slide On Frame In Rearward Position

Step 55: Insert the guide rod and recoil spring
Insert the guide rod and recoil spring into the front of the slide and use the safety takedown flag (or 22LR case) to restrain it in position.

Slide On Frame In Rearward Position

Step 56: Insert the slide plug
Slide the frame forward on the frame and insert the slide plug to restrain the guide rod. Remove the safety take down flag.

Slide Moved Forward and Slide Plug Ready For Insertion

2206 Takedown and Reassembly Complete